The High Priestess

La Papesse

High Priestess Tarot

The High Priestess of the second Arcane is the top female, both passive and fruitful one that receives and transmits. She is the Isis of Egyptians, Notre Dame of Christians, the Celtic Dana, Kali of Hindus, Sophia of ancient Greeks. She is the guardian of the door which gives access to the sanctuary of wisdom and knowledge symbolized by the veil, which needs to be removed to access the place where the mysteries are revealed.

Meaning of the card

This card is a sign of reflection, patience and time.

It may come to mean a blockage, projects stalled or slowed.

Wisdom manifests and has influence on all areas: artistic, esoteric, business, love ...

Tags: stability, generosity, concentration, intuition, patience and meditation, introversion, secret, prudence, harmony, foresight, reserve success in the work, peace, serenity, security, protection

This card symbolizes the secret developments. It symbolizes one of the first steps in the acquisition of knowledge, even before the research and development staff. With Le Bateleur, The High Priestess symbolizes the two axes on which man must develop: the world of physical action and the spirit world.

This is a positive card. It's action lies not in the material world, but rather all the secret and mysterious side. It expresses the inner growth and all aspects in mind. All things happen slowly after maturation, after a long process of transformation secret and hidden from the world.

The board has all the qualities and feminine values (patience, consistency, fertility, prudence, moderation). The consultant will get a positive result to the question but only after a long period of maturation events.

She announced reflection, it is the antithesis of the excess of passion. Everything must be controlled, channeled.

The curious legend of Pope Joan

The story of Pope Joan was very much alive in the 13th century, when shen was a mythical female pope who allegedly reigned for a few years some time during that time. According to some narratives, a girl from Mainz studied in Athens disguised as a man. Then she came to Rome, where she was elected pope under the name Joannes Anglicus because of her education after the death of Leo IV. Legend even exactly states that she reigned for two years, one month and four days without anyone realized her deception. Matter was revealed when she gave a birth to a child during a procession and later died.

Blessed be the High Priestess!

The High Priestess represents the mystery and knowledge. This is a person who knows all the secrets of the world of science and suggests that the future is not developed.

Map of the High Priestess symbolizes judgment, intelligence, intuition, things that no one is watching is to say, the unknown and secret things. Map suggests passivity, understanding, observation and the desire to know all the mysteries of the world and society.

The priestess is a reflection of our inner quest. This may be the soul mate or the meaning of life, a change of environment or query on acquired values or taboos. This slide is placed under the sign of knowledge. Introspective period of waiting, making ...

The number 2

The number of the arcane of the High Priestess is 2. This number is considered the first acting number. The number 2 is passive, so feminine. 2 is a symbol of the raw material, land and - by association - of the mother. Graphically, 2 is represented by a line or a bar. 2 separates, divides. This number is a symbol that stimulates thinking. 2 is the seed of all movement, all manifestation, all progress. 2 represents duality.

The number Two is also Yin and Yang, whose representation in the fire trigram represents the unity of Yin and Yang with the solid line, separated by two half-lines.

The High Priestess is the guardian of the door leading to the sanctuary of wisdom and knowledge, that temple of knowledge symbolized by the Tarot itself! The veil of Pope symbolizes the need to lift the veil of mystery to enter the place where the secrets of True Knowledge are revealed. The three levels Pope tiara, equipped with her veil is indeed a cosmic sensor, an interface between the world above and the one below. Tiara symbolizes the three worlds of emanation, creation and training.

In the Tarot, the Arcane means that in your present or your future, a mysterious person will influence all your actions and all your attitudes. The map shows some secrets you do not want to show and the High Priestess is an important card for Tarot and esoteric sciences. This Arcane is the symbol of a new beginning, and it suggests that there are no other goals to flourish and achieve. In the Tarot, the Magician is an active character, while the High Priestess suggests passive energy. Arcanum of the High Priestess expresses the ability of things to develop in a mysterious world. In the Tarot, the Arcane is an imposing force and its plans for consciousness are stronger than the ability to understand.


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